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We Need You
Life Center is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization established by private donations. We cover operating expenses through tuition and services provided as part of student training. For most capital expenses we rely on generous private donations and grants. In addition to funding, Life Center has a great need for participation by the local church community. Volunteers are need who are willing to donate time, talent, and faith. We are always looking for volunteers who will share Biblical principles for success as well as those who have specific vocational skills to offer. Team ministry is always best for long term success and we want to bring local pastors and church leaders on our team to participate in the curriculum and program development. Paid positions are also available for those with the right skills. If you are interested in supporting Life Center through gifts of money, time or talent, please contact our offices at (574) 970-0132 and ask for our administrator, Joe Wisler.

Our Business Model
The business model strategy for the Life Center is for it to be a self-supporting organization. To achieve this goal, the Life Center model calls for as many areas of training as possible to form revenue producing streams. For example, the Life Center is not just going to training young men and women to work on engines, but will offer tune-ups and oil-changes to the public at discounted rates generating revenue to pay for supplies and equipment. Students will not only be taught how to do drywall and basic carpentry, but the Life Center will purchase run-down homes to provide students with hands-on training as they renovate and remodel them. When the remodeling is completed, the proceeds of the sale of these homes will fund the purchase and materials needed for the next project home. We will not only teach students how to build a recreational vehicle or boat, but we will actually build models to sell upon completion. This business model will allow the Life Center to attract quality, paid instructors and administrators, offer scholarships to students and provide for continued future growth.

Life Center Elkhart Indiana