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Tuition Philosophy
It is our belief that when an individual invests in their own future, they are much more likely to put a premium on their education than not.  For example, studies show that courses that offer free study manuals or workbooks often have spotty attendance, while courses that charge for the manuals or workbooks have much higher and consistent attendance.  With this in mind, there are going to be costs associated with the Life Center courses.  While there will be scholarships available to those who simply cannot afford the fees, those scholarship recipients will be required to perform hours of community service commensurate with their scholarship amounts.  We believe this program will further reinforce accountability among Life Center students, while teaching them the value of “investing” in their future.

Outside Assistance
Life Center is a private 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Student tuition is required at the time of admission. Students may independently receive aid with tuition through various sources. Life Center is at the center of a new pilot program through Work One to bring vocational skills to young adults. Students are encouraged to contact Work One of Elkhart as the starting point for tuition assistance. Work One's program may cover the full tuition costs plus incentives. Contact the Elkhart office of Work One for more information.

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